Iconic Design

designs that make
heads turn


Having been the jewellery designers for the imperial courts of the Nizams, we have been the preferred jewellers of many noblemen, not only because of our dedication towards perfection but also because of our keen eye for design. Our precision and deliberation at every stage of jewellery making is what makes our high jewellery enviable.

that tells a story

The design inspiration for our high jewellery collection can come from places far and wide. We are connoisseurs of art and have an inclination towards the fine jewellery periods of yore —

Georgian, Victorina, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Retro.

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RARE and
pRECIOUS stones

The diamonds and gemstones used in high jewellery are distinct in nature, colour, shape, carat and clarity. Owing to their origins they are valued very highly and rare to come by in certain instances.

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Movement AND

The stones picked are of immense value and need to be mounted to bring out their unique qualities. As designers of high jewellery, we make sure to use mounting techniques and settings that do justice to their prominence. Whether it is prong-setting or bezel-setting to highlight a single precious stone, or the pave-setting or channel-setting to bring together many stones in a way to form beautiful clusters of light or even the flush-setting allowing more romantic play of hide and seek, we choose the setting to compliment both, the stone and design.

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